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Kiwanis/Schreiber Fields

About the property

In the Spring of 2023, comments were made at a School Board meeting that the sports facilities at LaPorte High School, specifically Schreiber and Kiwanis Fields may not be sufficient to meet the needs of the future, and could be replaced. This raised an alarm for many in the community and the reaction by former alumni and La Porte residents prompted a retraction by the Board. Regardless of their deficiencies, there is a significant degree of affection for the history and legacy of these historic facilities. They’re a unique asset to the La Porte community and have been closely associated with Slicer teams for over 70 years. Losing them would represent the loss of a hometown tradition. Preserve Historic La Porte has offered to fund a feasibility study to evaluate a renovation option for the Kiwanis Field and Schreiber Field venues that would allow them serve the needs of the community for the next many years, and remain competitive with other communities. We secured a grant to partially fund the study. The remainder would be paid for through private donations and by PHLP. To-date, the School Board has not accepted our offer. We hope the Board will reconsider their position at a later date. Sign the petition to Save Slicer Homefields!

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